I went to a very successful and beloved local Italian restaurant the other night for dinner, and it had the absolute worst beer list I have ever seen. Four beers on tap: Moretti, Blue Moon, Amstel light, Warsteiner. In bottles: Peroni, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Yuengling, Heineken, Amstel Light, a wheat beer I’ve never heard of.

It’s not that difficult to construct a decent beer list. Ok, fine: you’re an Italian restaurant so you feel compelled to serve the Italian beers even though they are both really lifeless and lame. And I realize people like light beer, so sell those. But every beer list needs some real anchors, some real beers with real flavor for real beer drinkers who don’t drink light beer or Corona or Yuengling (for God’s sake, when did this beer get so commonplace? It’s like the 4th best beer made in Pennsylvania and someone decided it should be sold nationally?). Here are some suggestions that are well known and popular:

* Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
* Anchor Steam Beer or Liberty Ale
* Guinness (draught, not stout)
* Bass Ale
* Boddington’s
* Negra Modelo

If you want to get creative and push the envelope a bit, try offerings from these microbreweries:

* Dogfish Head
* Lagunitas
* Harpoon
* Stoudt’s
* Full Sail

Heineken and Corona are the world’s most overrated beers, by the way. And both are better than Yuengling, which is better than Bud Light, which is pretty bad…